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Master Your Gout

Or Relief from the Pain of Gout?

Or maybe you have questions about gout medication?

I can help you.

My name is Riccardo Thomas and I first had gout twenty years ago.   I went through hell in those early years, with the gout coming back and back, worse each time.

But now I have been gout-free for the last thirteen years.  I don’t take daily medication, and I don’t live by a crazy diet more suited to a Buddhist monk.  I eat and drink what I want.  I live a normal life.

So how have I done this?

I have just adopted some simple tactics (which anyone can use) to enable me to live gout free.

I can show you:

      How gout works, and how it gets a grip on you.  Once you know this, you’ll know the basics of how to fight back.

The one fact about uric acid (the chemical cause of gout) which you simply must know if you are to have any hope of dealing with gout.

The one simple thing you can do – whenever and wherever you are – to take away the pain and inflammation of gout.  (You will be astonished your physician has never told you this.  I know I was.)

The powerful three-step process you can adopt to deal with a gout flare up.

A list of Emergency Steps to take for fast relief when you really can’t bear it.

The mechanisms in your body which cause gout, and I can show you how to put them into reverse.

You’ll know what to do about gout, but more importantly, you’ll understand why you’re doing it.  And why it works.

If you want to know right now how to deal with the misery of gout -


“Great, well researched advice from a fellow sufferer” - Steve T

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I know all about gout.  The red, swollen, big toe joint, burning with pain.  It’s relentless.  It breaks your spirit.  It hurts even when you’re  not moving.  In fact it hurts especially when you’re not moving.   In bed at night it hurts worst of all.  Those painful, sleepless nights when even the bedclothes lying on your foot can be excruciating.

If you suffer from gout, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I don’t find it hilarious.  I’ve had all of it and worse, and so did my father before me.

But no more.

In my early thirties, I had already suffered gout  for seven years.   I was determined things were going to change.

I bought all the books I could (there aren’t many), I read dozens of research papers.  I immersed myself in facts and figures about serum urate concentrations, crystalization rates,  solubility gradients, kidney flow rates and purine metabolism.  I also scoured the “alternative medicine” news sheets for advice.   I was determined to rid myself of this curse.

Once I’d understood how gout works,   I tried out various tactics on myself.  Then I refined them.  

The answers to my problem were ASTONISHINGLY SIMPLE.  And that simplicity means these tactics can work for absolutely anyone, regardless of other medical conditions.

In short, I discovered how to manage gout out of my life.

Let me be clear:

     These tactics  are NOT some hocus-pocus theory.

These tactics are NOT based on some rare and miraculous herb.

These tactics are grounded in regular science – on scientific facts and on relevant research.

You will get simple straightforward information, not a mishmash of chemical names – xanthines, purines and oxidases.

You will certainly not get a long list of banned foods, that will make your life a misery –  and won’t even work!

If you want simple, straightforward information and tactics which you can use RIGHT NOW to master and get rid of your gout – then I can definitely help you.

If you want to know right now how to deal with the misery of gout -


I read spam email recently that promised me effortless weightloss through deep breathing.  Yes, deep breathing.  Call me a skeptic but…  These tactics are not like that.   They are based solidly on the chemistry of gout.  Once you can see how they work, you won’t have any doubts about it.

But there’s more to it than that.  Once you’ve defeated the miserable pain of a gout attack, you’ll want to know how to get rid of gout from your life.  For good.  So it no longer bothers you at all.

I can tell you:

       the simple lifestyle steps you can take to minimise the risk of gout attacks (and no, it doesn’t involve living like a monk off cabbage leaves.  Or even giving up alcohol!)

   how to separate fact from fiction about what you should eat.  Hint: most of what you’ve been told is fiction.

   What you should and shouldn’t drink.  If like me you’ve spent fortunes on cherry juice, or some other expensive and hard-to-find beverage, you’ll save $$$$ by reading this.

   the best footwear to wear to avoid gout.

   the best exercise options for gout sufferers, and to avoid gout returning.

There’s one more thing you need to know about – gout doesn’t go away on its own, and it can cause other more dangerous health issues as you get older.  You need to arm yourself with the knowledge to deal with that.

You need to:

  Understand the harmful (even dangerous) effects of some of the drugs you could be using

  Understand the connection between gout and coronary/vascular problems

  Understand the side effects of drugs you may be using long-term.

  Understand the links between gout and kidney problems.

   Understand why long-term drugs like Allopurinol and Probenicid sometimes don’t work (or make the gout worse) and what you can do about that.  (Don’t give up!!)

  Understand the connections between gout and blood pressure.

   Above all, understand that you have options.  Some people take a daily pill, and for some people it works well.  But if you’re contemplating taking medication for the rest of your life, you owe it to yourself to know what you’re doing, and to know you’re doing the right thing.

The bottom line is: You can take fewer drugs – way fewer drugs – and become master of your gout.

Downloadable Ebook – “Master Your Gout”


“An informative book on treating gout. Basically the author tells you how to keep the kidneys working to eliminate the build up of uric acid. There is information about the causes of gout and why diets and medications are often ineffective.  It seems better as an alternative to some really nasty medicines with side effects that seem worse than having gout.” - J.Reich

What I have to tell you in the “Master Your Gout” ebook, is not some weird vegan, hippy remedy.  It’s not homeopathic wishful-thinking.  It’s based on medical research, and the basic mechanisms of gout.

There’s a lot of garbage talked about gout – that it’s basically arthritis, that it’s all about the food you eat blah blah.  You see this stuff on web sites and in magazines.  If the writers were sufferers themselves they might not write such rubbish.

My advice is based on a simple understanding of the chemistry involved in the condition of gout.  It is practical and straightforward.

“Master Your Gout” demands no strict diets, special supplements, exercise regimes, abstinence or weight loss (although moderate exercise and weight loss will be beneficial – no surprise there).  Its principles can be adopted immediately, for immediate benefits.

And in case you were wondering, no,  it does not involve expensive wonder-pills.  The advice is simple and practical.

If your foot is throbbing in pain, ask yourself – What have you got to lose?

Other than painful nights, ruined weekends and unhealthy long-term drug use?

“Master Your Gout” is an ebook available for immediate download for only $13.95.



PS   I could have made this ebook very short – just a couple of pages telling you the basics of what to do.   I could have missed out the background, and just gotten straight to the point.   But that wouldn’t be right.

It’s much better if you understand why and how it works.  Then you can have complete confidence that what you’re doing is beneficial, healthy and presents no dangers or problems to you.

And you’ll thank me also for alerting you to the long-term health problems that gout sufferers face later in life.

You need to understand how gout does the things it does.

You need to understand how to combat your gout - right now.

You need to understand how to prevent gout from coming back.

And you need to understand the long term health issues which gout raises

You need to know.  You deserve to know.


Looking for a Cure for Your Gout?
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